Indigo Angels


Stacy J., San Francisco,Ca

Even without me going into detail about the nature of my "question", Laura was able to pinpoint my needs and provided me with an in-depth answer. She offered a reading that, literally, brought tears to my eyes. It was just what I needed to hear and it was offered in the perfect voice. Without giving away too much private information, let me just say that her reading has helped keep me along my personal and familial path. I have a new fiance and have also had some family issues over the last year that left many questions in my mind. Laura's reading provided me with some much needed closure and guidance, specific guidance that not even my best friends could provide. Even if I can't quite wrap my intellectual mind around how or why she was able to provide me with the information that she did, my spirit understood it completely. My fiance isn't aware that I contacted Laura for the spiritual (and mental) service that she provided, yet he is still benefiting from her words. And, personally, my own beliefs and ability to understand the gift Laura possesses tend to fluctuate: Sometimes I am a full on believer and other times I am a bit skeptical. But I am offering this testimonial because I recognize that she was able to bestow something very special...something important that I needed to hear.
Finally, let me say that I have known Laura for several years now, and that the closeness of our relationship has varied. But even before she decided to offer her readings in a professional context, she was sharing her intuitive gifts with me.  I have yet to encounter another reader who is as talented as she.

Shellagh Y., CA
I have just been blessed with a reading from Laura. Her insight and messengers (Indigo angels) spoke right to my heart. Her perception of the moment was 100%. Thank you Laura for sharing your gift with me and others!

Daniel Red Tail Hawk, NB, Canada
Thank you Laura for the reading, it comes at a time I needed to hear it, I'm praying I have the faith & strength to do what I must on my path & journey :) Thank you Laura, namaste.